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“Shelby Oaks” Secures Horror Expert Mike Flanagan’s Expertise as Executive Producer

In a notable development for the horror film genre, “Shelby Oaks,” the much-anticipated directorial debut by Chris Stuckmann, has struck a chord in the industry with the enlistment of renowned horror expert Mike Flanagan as an executive producer. With esteemed credits to his name, including the successes of “Ouija: Origin Of Evil” and “Doctor Sleep,” as well as an impressive collection of Netflix horror series, Flanagan’s involvement promises a significant elevation to the film’s production value and creative direction.

Flanagan’s role comes after “Shelby Oaks” emerged as a sensation on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, where it garnered an extraordinary $1.39 million in less than thirty days in 2022. The film has already generated buzz for its ingenious approach that melds various narrative techniques such as documentary-like storytelling, found footage aesthetics, and conventional cinematic methods.

The partnership with Flanagan brings both his seasoned expertise and Intrepid Pictures’ resources into the fold, collaborating with Trevor Macy and Melinda Nishioka from the same organization. This collective experience is expected to enrich the post-production process, ensuring that “Shelby Oaks” is crafted to meet the high expectations set by horror enthusiasts and cinephiles alike.

“Shelby Oaks” narrates the chilling journey of Mia, played by the talented Camille Sullivan, as she investigates the unsettling disappearance of her sister Riley, portrayed by Sarah Durn. Riley’s vanishing act, depicted in the last disturbing segment of her web series “Paranormal Paranoids,” instigates Mia’s relentless pursuit. As the narrative unfolds, Mia grows increasingly consumed by the idea that an imaginary demon from their childhood, once thought to be a figment of imagination, could be terrifyingly real.

The film features Camille Sullivan and Sarah Durn in the lead roles and boasts the production capabilities of Paper Street Pictures. As Stuckmann embarks on this new journey from film critic to film director, the fusion of his fervor for horror films and his impactful YouTube presence has positioned this project as one to watch out for.

Flanagan’s respect for Stuckmann’s commitment to the project is apparent, and his mentorship is expected to steer “Shelby Oaks” toward a successful insertion into the horror film landscape. Their collaboration echoes an aspiration for cinematic excellence and storytelling mastery that is bound to resonate with audiences.

Stuckmann himself expressed enthusiastic anticipation over the team-up with industry heavyweights such as Flanagan, Macy, and Nishioka. His passion for horror cinema, combined with the execution of innovative filmmaking techniques, could very well translate into “Shelby Oaks” defining a new era for the genre. This directorial project represents not just a personal milestone for Stuckmann but also an opportunity to create a unique and engaging experience for horror fans around the globe.

As the production progresses, the addition of Mike Flanagan’s creative influence to Stuckmann’s visionary approach promises a film that will not only honor the essential elements of horror but will likely innovate and possibly redefine them. It is a merger of old and new guard, experience, and passion, expertise, and vision, which signifies a gripping entry into both English and world cinema. With an expected premiere that has audiences and industry insiders alike on the edge of their seats, “Shelby Oaks” is poised to leave an indelible mark on the horror film landscape.