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Short Films Shine Bright at BISFF’s Script To Screen Event in Bengaluru

Script To Screen, a noteworthy event orchestrated by the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (BISFF), took center stage at the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, Bengaluru, recently. The event, a culmination of dedicated efforts from emerging filmmakers, featured the screening of five short films produced as part of the previous Literature to Script competition. Among 48 scripts submitted for this august competition, only five made the final cut, headlining the event with their respective directors in attendance.

The first film, Antaranga, directed by Udith Haritas, delves into the intricate labyrinth of addiction and its repercussions on communication within family dynamics. A Kannada short film, Antaranga offers a deep yet raw portrayal of the struggles in a dysfunctional family setup. The narrative paints a heart-wrenching yet insightful picture of personal resilience and familial connections.

“This story intrigued me because it focused on the psychological depths within a family,” remarked Udith Haritas. “The swirling emotions caused by the father’s addiction and its ripple effects drew me to this project. Being part of its creation was a poignant experience.”

Another compelling entry, Neela Neela Teera, directed by Prasad Siddheshwar, stood out for its beautiful simplicity and heartfelt story. This Kannada production follows the life of a diligent factory worker, far removed from the comforts of home. The film’s cinematography marvelously captures his profound love for sleep, serving as his solitary connection to his distant abode. Neela Neela Teera resonates with audiences, evoking a blend of sympathy and gentle humor.

“The filmmaking process humbles you in unexpected ways,” noted Prasad Siddheshwar. “Sacrificing personal comfort for a richer experience has allowed me to witness life from diverse perspectives and broadens one’s horizon.”

Trupti Kulkarni’s compelling short film, How are you? depicted a woman’s turbulent journey after her partner’s sudden departure.

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. This Kannada piece captivates the viewer with a surprising plot twist that reshapes the understanding of her struggle, providing a fresh and thought-provoking experience.

“The journey from script to screen was both amazing and intriguing,” shared Kulkarni. “It was this initiative that transformed my script into a living, breathing film. Such opportunities are invaluable.”

Joining the acclaimed list, Thunai by Vignesh Paramasivam showcased monumental success, having been screened at over 30 festivals and garnering 23 awards. His film, alongside others, underscores the importance of initiatives like BISFF’s Script To Screen, which provides budding directors a platform to hone their craft and wield significant creative freedom.

“It’s a phenomenal initiative and a splendid opportunity for newcomers to present their work on a global stage,” emphasized Vignesh.

Anas Shereef’s Malayalam short film, Change, added a crucial voice to the event by exploring the multifaceted struggles of the LGBTQ+ community. The narrative casts a poignant light on their enduring quest for societal acceptance, accentuating the day-to-day mockery and degradation often suffered by individuals still seen as outliers.

With a judicious mix of artistry and emotional depth, BISFF’s Script To Screen event has firmly established itself as a beacon of support and encouragement for emerging filmmakers. As mentioned by Nikhil Bharadwaj, the festival coordinator, “Presently, these short films are accessible solely to those who attended the screenings at Goethe-Institut and other associated festivals. However, we plan to release them soon to a broader audience.”

The event not only highlighted cinematic excellence but also underscored the importance of storytelling through short films. Each film presented deep societal issues, personal battles, and human connections, making the event a memorable and enlightening experience for all attendees.

The Bengaluru International Short Film Festival continues to serve as an essential platform, nurturing the next generation of filmmakers and providing them with opportunities to spotlight their creative genius. As the short films move towards broader releases, the anticipation to witness these poignant tales on a larger scale grows, promising an enriching experience for a wider audience.