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‘Sidebar: A Suits Watch Podcast’ Announced by Patrick J. Adams and Sarah Rafferty

There’s exciting news for Suits enthusiasts. The popular legal drama “Suits” is set to be reimagined in a novel format with the introduction of an upcoming podcast titled Sidebar: A Suits Watch Podcast. This fresh endeavor will see actors Patrick J. Adams and Sarah Rafferty, known for their iconic portrayals of Mike Ross and Donna Paulsen respectively, stepping into new roles as co-hosts of the SiriusXM podcast.

The concept behind this podcast is both nostalgic and intriguing. Patrick J. Adams and Sarah Rafferty will watch the series together for the first time, and in doing so, they will unveil brand-new behind-the-scenes stories that have never before been shared with the public. This unique perspective promises to offer fans a richer understanding of the show’s creation and the experiences of the actors involved. To make things even more compelling, they will be frequently joined by special guests who either starred on the show or worked behind the camera throughout its nine-season run, as well as engaging with friends and fans of the series.

Produced by SiriusXM’s Stitcher Studios, the podcast is the brainchild of Adams and Rafferty, who serve as co-creators and co-hosts. The production team includes Kimmie Gregory, Cassi Jerkins, and Kristin Shrader as producers, with Adams, Rafferty, Adam Sachs, Codi Fischer, and Colin Anderson serving as executive producers. Enthusiasts of the show can look forward to the podcast premiering later this year.

“Suits,” which originally aired from 2011 to 2019, experienced a significant resurgence in popularity last year when it was added to Netflix’s streaming library. Reflecting on this renewed interest, Adams and Rafferty shared in a joint statement, “It feels like the perfect time to rewatch the show that changed our lives. We are thrilled to collaborate with the incredible team at SiriusXM and look forward to connecting with our friends from the cast and crew, as well as the Suits fans who made it all possible.”

The announcement of the podcast comes just in time for the Suits cast reunion at the ATX TV Festival. Set to be held in Austin, Texas, Adams and Rafferty will join former cast members Dule Hill and Amanda Schull, along with executive producer Jeff Wachtel, for a reflective conversation on Sunday. This reunion event not only celebrates the show’s legacy but also acknowledges its continuous impact and the dedicated fanbase that has remained loyal over the years.

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. The popularity of “Suits” has been influential enough to pave the way for an upcoming spinoff series entitled Suits L.A., which will air on NBC.

In January, Adams spoke to PEOPLE about the unexpected revival in the show’s popularity, describing the “second swell” as “really, really strange” to witness. “I mean, when you say goodbye to a show and you walk away and it ends and you had your moment, you think that’s it,” he elaborated. “It’s going to be over and nothing else is going to happen. And you get to just go to the history book.”

He continued, “It happened. And then it was one week and then it was two weeks, and five weeks, and it kept going. And I think we had a twelve-week run at number one,” reminiscing about the series’ surprising post-finale success. “It’s just crazy. So we feel very grateful. And I think there’s something about the show that clearly continues to speak to people.”

“Suits” was celebrated not only for its captivating narrative and sharp dialogue but also for its stellar cast, which included Gabriel Macht, Meghan Markle, Rick Hoffman, and Gina Torres. Their collective performances contributed to making “Suits” a standout in the realm of legal dramas, and the series continues to hold a special place in the hearts of its audience.

As anticipation builds for the release of Sidebar: A Suits Watch Podcast, fans old and new are eager to reconnect with the world of “Suits” through the fresh and insightful lens that Adams and Rafferty are set to provide. This podcast promises to be more than just a trip down memory lane; it will be an exploration of the show’s enduring legacy and an opportunity for deeper engagement with the storylines and characters that have resonated with so many.