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Silver Screen Comeback: Ramarajan’s ‘Saamaniyan’ Marks A Hero’s Return

The Tamil film fraternity is buzzing with anticipation as ‘Saamaniyan’, the much-awaited movie signifying the comeback of veteran actor Ramarajan, is set to hit the theaters on May 23. This announcement, which came straight from the film’s production team on Tuesday, marks the return of the celebrated actor who has been absent from the film landscape for a decade.

Helmed by director Rakesh, known for his work in ‘Thambikottai’ and ‘Maraindhirundhu Paarkum Marmam Enna’, ‘Saamaniyan’ is poised to be a cinematic event. The film boasts of a talented cast with Naksha Saran playing the female lead. Complementary to the leads, seasoned actors such as Radharavi, MS Bhaskar, Raja Rani Pandian, and Mime Gopi have pivotal roles, indicating a solid storytelling foundation.

An intriguing element that heightens the film’s promise is the release date announcement poster for ‘Saamaniyan’, which hints at the cinematic experience that awaits audiences. The filmmakers, in a special arrangement, have been quite cognizant about the excitement this visual has stirred among fans and film buffs alike.

The yearning for Ramarajan’s comeback was palpable at the teaser launch event back in September 2022, where Ramarajan himself elucidated his carefully considered choice of script for his re-entry to the silver screen. With a dignity akin to the roles he has portrayed, he expressed a firm stance on returning as the protagonist. “I wanted to appear on the big screens only as the hero, and I did not want to compromise with this decision,” he said, attributing the real success of a movie to its story and screenplay.

Delving deeper into his selection process, Ramarajan reminisced about his cautious approach, filtered by the values of the revered ‘Puratchi Thalaivar’ MGR, a cultural icon who has greatly influenced his career trajectory. In advocating for positive societal values, Ramarajan revealed, “I was also clear that I shouldn’t be a part of movies that have bad values, as I am a hardcore follower of MGR.” His commitment extends to the absence of on-screen smoking and drinking—a testament to his adherence to MGR’s principles.

What makes ‘Saamaniyan’ unique is not only the return of a beloved actor but also his transformation for the role. For the first time in a storied career spanning 45 years and as many films, Ramarajan will don a bearded look, a stark departure from his traditionally clean-shaven visage. His excitement about the film’s script, particularly the interval block which he boldly claims will be unprecedented in Tamil cinema history, is likely to stimulate curiosity among the audience.

A significant reunion within ‘Saamaniyan’ is the collaboration between Ramarajan and music maestro Ilaiyaraaja after a 25-year hiatus, their last joint effort being the 1999 release ‘Annan’. This composer-actor pairing is set to rekindle their harmonious rapport.

Behind the scenes, Arulchelvan is in charge of the cinematography, with Ram Gopi handling the film’s editing. The film is brought to the big screen by producer V Mathiyalagan of Etcetera Entertainment, ensuring a wide reach by releasing it in multiple languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada.

The return of Ramarajan to Tamil cinema via ‘Saamaniyan’ signals more than just another release; it is a celebration of an actor’s perseverance and dedication to his craft and principles. With a collective of seasoned artists at its helm, ‘Saamaniyan’ is poised to offer a cinematic experience that resonates with audiences, paying homage to the roots of Indian cinema and enriching the cultural landscape with its awaited debut.