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Sobhita Dhulipala Shines at Qbik’s Grand Hyderabad Launch

Qbik, a prominent fashion house based in Delhi, has reached a new milestone with the opening of its flagship store in Hyderabad. Launched in 2011 by designers Vrinda Sachdev and Gurinder Singh, Qbik is known for its unique blend of traditional Indian craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The brand’s newest outlet, located in the upscale area of Banjara Hills, occupies a sprawling 3,200 square feet space spread across two floors. It features an impressive range of garments including lehengas, pre-stitched sarees, tuxedos, bomber jackets, and sherwanis.

The store’s launch was a glittering affair, with none other than actor Sobhita Dhulipala gracing the event. Dhulipala, who recently appeared in the internationally acclaimed film “Monkey Man,” and lent her voice to Deepika Padukone in the Telugu blockbuster “Kalki 2898 AD,” brought additional glamour to the occasion.

In a brief interaction during the event, Sobhita shared her thoughts on Qbik and her association with the brand. She recounted her first encounter with Qbik during a magazine photoshoot, where she was left mesmerized by the quality and intricate embroidery of their creations. Elaborating on her relationship with the label and its designers, she said, “What I love about the label is the mix of traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern style. Every piece shows attention to detail and high quality. The designers celebrate our rich textile heritage while adding fresh, innovative touches, making their designs both timeless and trendy.”

Sobhita expressed a deep appreciation for Indian textiles and crafts, emphasizing that she is particular about the brands she collaborates with. “I think meaningful collaborations come about when tastes and values align, that’s the most important metric for me,” she stated. This intrinsic value alignment is why she chose to be associated with Qbik, a brand that resonates with her admiration for Indian artistry.

Dhulipala’s fashion sensibilities have been well-documented through her various roles in films and web series. One standout example is her role in the critically acclaimed web series “Made in Heaven.” This Amazon Prime series became particularly noteworthy for its impeccable fashion, which played a crucial role in shaping the narratives and personalities of its characters. When asked about her involvement in styling her character Tara’s wardrobe, Sobhita said, “For season two, I was involved in shaping Tara’s wardrobe, especially emphasizing power dressing.

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. Working closely with the costume team, we curated outfits like cinched waists and corporate suits that embodied Tara’s powerful persona both at work and in her personal life.”

The launch event was an amalgamation of fashion, heritage, and innovation, reflecting the ethos that Qbik stands for. The store in Hyderabad is set to become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts who have a penchant for exquisite Indian craftsmanship combined with contemporary style. The two-floor store is designed to be a visual treat as well, with intricately designed interiors that complement the grandeur of the collections on display. The garments themselves feature a range of techniques from elaborate embroideries, delicate beadwork, to modern silhouettes, offering something for everyone.

Guests at the launch marveled at the eclectic mix of the showcased garments. The lehengas, rich with traditional work, looked ready to grace any grand wedding. The pre-stitched sarees offered a seamless blend of convenience and elegance, appealing to the modern woman who values style as much as functionality. For men, the collection spanned from sharp tuxedos perfect for formal events to stylish bomber jackets and sherwanis that carry a regal charm.

The designers, Vrinda Sachdev and Gurinder Singh, were also present at the launch, visibly excited to bring their vision to life in Hyderabad. They spoke about their journey and the inspiration behind Qbik. Singh mentioned, “We have always been inspired by India’s rich textile heritage, but we aim to present it in a way that appeals to the contemporary audience.” Sachdev added, “Our goal is to create designs that are not just beautiful but also carry a story of our culture and craftsmanship. We hope the people of Hyderabad embrace our collection as much as Delhi has.”

In conclusion, Qbik’s flagship store launch in Hyderabad was a star-studded affair that perfectly captured the brand’s essence of blending traditional Indian techniques with modern fashion trends. With Sobhita Dhulipala’s shimmering presence adding to the event, Qbik’s entry into the Hyderabad market promises to bring a fresh wave of fashion that honors the past while looking towards the future. The store is not just a retail space but a celebration of Indian textiles and innovative design.