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Sonam Kapoor Opens Up About Embracing Motherhood and Body Changes Post-Pregnancy

Renowned Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has always been candid about her personal experiences, and her pregnancy journey has been no exception. In a revealing conversation on the latest installment of the Fashionably Pernia’s The Style Icon podcast, the actress delved into the profound changes she underwent after giving birth to her son, Vayu. Among the revelations, Kapoor disclosed the emotional turmoil she suffered upon gaining 32 kilograms during her pregnancy, a transformation that initially left her feeling “traumatized.”

Sonam Kapoor’s life took a dramatic turn with the arrival of her baby boy in August 2022. With the essence of motherhood radiating in every aspect of her life, the star described the multiple shifts in her existence. “It took me a year and a half. I took it really slow; you have to be slow because you have to adjust to the new you,” she stated regarding her approach to getting back to her pre-pregnancy self. Emphasizing the vast changes, Kapoor shared, “You are so obsessed with your baby; you are not thinking about working out, eating right.”

The aftermath of pregnancy prompted Kapoor to reassess her relationship with herself, with her husband, and with life in general. Noting that one’s body image inevitably undergoes a transformation, Kapoor expounded on the need for self-acceptance. “You are never going to feel the same about your body,” she admitted, asserting her resolve to embrace every version of herself.

Sonam kept her fans and followers in the loop via social media, posting pictures and narratives surrounding her post-partum journey. Without resorting to crash diets or intense workout regimens, she prioritized consistent self-care alongside caring for her baby. She captured her followers’ hearts by expressing heartfelt gratitude for her body and its resilience during this transformative time: “Slowly steadily…I’m not there yet but almost where I want to be… still very very grateful for my body and how incredible it has been.”

Professionally, Kapoor has plunged back into her acting career with the release of ‘Blind’, a film directed by Shome Makhija that also stars talented actors like Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, and Lillete Dubey. This project marks her return to the silver screen after a hiatus due to her maternity break. Nevertheless, the multifaceted actress has already lined up her slate with upcoming projects, further indicating her commitment to a balanced life that treasures both her family time and her passion for acting.

In an interview with ANI, Kapoor enthusiastically mentioned her plans for the future, “I took two years off as I was pregnant and then wanted to take some time off with my son. Two years are not done yet and I have signed onto two projects – one show and one film that I will start working on.” She underlined her desire to maintain a work-life balance, stating her intention to limit her professional commitments to just “two pieces of content every year.”

Sonam Kapoor’s candidness about her post-pregnancy experiences—marked by both physical and emotional changes—strikes a chord with mothers around the world. Demonstrating resilience and patience with oneself, her shared experiences continue to inspire those navigating similar life changes. As she resumes her professional endeavors with renewed enthusiasm, her story of transformation serves as a testament to the fortitude of mothers and women in various stages of life.