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Tram Accident at Universal Studios Hollywood Results in Multiple Injuries

A typically joyful Saturday evening at Universal Studios Hollywood took an unexpected turn when a tram carrying visitors collided with a guardrail, leaving fifteen passengers with injuries, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Emergency services raced to the scene, with the Los Angeles County Fire Department reporting their arrival via social media shortly after the incident at around 9 p.m.

Visitors on the popular Studio Tour were thrust into a real-life drama when, during the backlot portion, the last car of the tram encountered trouble. As described by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, “the tram had just cleared the area themed around Jurassic Park and was negotiating a turn onto Avenue M when an incident led to the tram crashing against a metal guardrail.” This caused the last car to tilt dangerously, resulting in the ejection of several passengers onto the roadway.

The injured were quickly tended to, with local hospital staff assessing and treating their wounds. The Sheriff’s Department’s statement clarified the nature of the injuries: “Passengers were transported to local medical facilities, and thankfully the injuries ranged from minor to moderate.” Authorities continued their investigation into what caused the crash, stating that impairment due to alcohol or drugs was not suspected.

In the aftermath of the accident, a spokesperson for Universal Studios Hollywood relayed their continued concern for the wellbeing of those involved: “Our primary thoughts are with the guests who suffered during this event,” the spokesperson said, thankful that no life-threatening injuries were reported. The message underscored that safety remained a foremost priority for the park.

The Studio Tour operation was resumed, though with a temporarily revised route. Additional protocols and operational safeguards were being reinforced to prevent future incidents. “Collaboration with the California Highway Patrol is ongoing as we review what happened,” the park representative mentioned, emphasizing the concerted effort to maintain a safe environment for park guests.

Universally recognized as a cornerstone attraction of Universal Studios Hollywood, the Studio Tour provides the public an hour-long backstage glimpse into the epicenters of film and television production that have churned out innumerable hits. Visitors are treated to an up-close look at iconic sets from movies such as “Jaws,” and the more recent hit “Nope,” directed by Jordan Peele. Next week, the tour that has charmed millions since its inception in 1964, will celebrate its 60th anniversary, a testament to the enduring allure of Hollywood filmmaking.

What was initially a routine exploration into the wonders of cinematic creation, quickly shifted into an evening of concern and emergency response, casting a shadow upon the Studio Tour’s flawless reputation. While the park and first responders handled the situation with professionalism and expedience, this incident sheds light on the ever-present need for rigorous safety measures in environments that see high volumes of public traffic.

As the stories of those affected begin to emerge and the investigation unfolds, the park assures a comprehensive review of safety protocols, striving to ensure that patrons can continue to be captivated by the magic of Hollywood without the fear of unexpected danger. As Universal Studios Hollywood prepares to celebrate the 60-year legacy of the Studio Tour, this accident serves as a poignant reminder of the responsibility that comes with serving as stewards of public entertainment and safety.