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Unleashing Creativity: A Personalized Art Experience Awaits You at Artgram Studios

Amidst the urban hustle, a transformative realm of creativity has emerged, bringing forth an exceptional blend of artistry and relaxation to the cityscape. Artgram, with its unique blend of art studio and café culture, crafts an inviting space for individuals to engage in a plethora of DIY art activities such as drawing, painting, and block printing. The innovative concept, envisioned by founders Shwetha Somisetty and Hema Somisetty, is rapidly becoming a creative sanctuary for art enthusiasts across six vibrant cities in India: Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Nellore, and Mysuru.

Artgram stands out as an oasis for aspiring and skilled artists alike, offering the flexibility of self-paced creation amidst the backdrop of a cozy café atmosphere. Each visit to these studios unfolds the potential for visitors to delve into more than 20 distinct DIY art activities, all designed to accommodate a variety of preferences and skill levels. From the intricacy of Madhubani art to the luscious texture of acrylic pours, and the sharp precision of glass painting; there’s no shortage of mediums to experiment with.

At the core of Artgram’s philosophy is the element of choice, a stark contrast to conventional art classes. Instead of adhering to a rigid structure, guests are encouraged to embrace their individuality in the creation process. In these studios, freedom reigns; one can choose their preferred medium, work at their own rhythm, and let their unique style shine through. An Artgram visit is not simply about engrossing in craft; it’s a ticket to express and expand one’s creative horizons.

For those in need of guidance, friendly art assistants in each studio are on hand, brimming with insights and ready to provide the necessary materials. While they stop short of instructing like in traditional workshops, they ignite the spark that sets visitors on the path to creating their own masterpieces, pieces that are then theirs to cherish and take home.

The birth of Artgram can be credited to Shwetha’s realization of a void in Vijayawada, a city devoid of art recreation spaces. An architect by trade but an artist at heart, Shwetha’s childhood passion for art naturally steered her towards the entrepreneurial venture of launching Artgram alongside her co-sister Hema. Their very first art studio blossomed in Vijayawada’s Mogalrajpuram, capturing the imaginations of the community and rapidly expanding to other cities.

Alongside the art, the studios offer a selection of gastronomic delights — an assortment of quick bites and refreshments to complement the creative flow. For example, the Visakhapatnam studio, nestled within Wabi Sabi Art Cafe, enhances the tranquil experience, cutting away the societal pressure to conform to artistic norms. Vishakapatnam’s art assistant, Vasavi Pachigolla, emphasizes the ethos of Artgram, nudging guests to tweak elements and dabble with colors to infuse their personal essence into their work.

The offering at Artgram is an evolving one, with Shwetha’s discerning eye adding new activities to an already vivid palette, thus ensuring a robust mix of simplicity and diversity. In the pipeline are canvas clutch painting, accessories organizer, pot painting, block painting, and spin art.

Darshana, one participant in Visakhapatnam, encapsulates the collective sentiment towards Artgram as she recalls the satisfaction of creating a personalized vehicle-themed frame for her brother. The joy she derived from her creation at the studio was not just in the artistry but also in the peculiar bond that it would usher into the world as a gift.

Artgram’s luminous journey continues to grow, inviting individuals to step in and experience the sheer delight of putting brush to canvas, taking a momentary pause from life’s relentless pace, and most importantly, discovering that within each person lies the heart of an artist waiting to be set free.