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Vijay Sethupathi Reflects on Fatherhood’s Influence on Role in ‘Maharaja’

Vijay Sethupathi, an acclaimed Tamil star, is enjoying immense appreciation for his recent film “Maharaja.” In a candid conversation, the actor revealed how his personal experiences as a parent have profoundly influenced his portrayal in the film. Speaking to ‘Variety’, Sethupathi delved into the ways his role as a father shapes his professional life, stating, “I have a son and daughter. I love my daughter so much. If she dominates me, I always love that. I call her ‘amma’ (mother) and my son ‘appa’ (father).”

Communication, according to the actor, is a critical aspect of his relationship with his children. Sethupathi emphasized the significance of maintaining an open dialogue, often discussing his work and seeking their input. “I keep talking to them and whenever I go to shoot, if I have any interesting scenes, I talk to them, I share with them,” he shared with ‘Variety’.

This approach, Sethupathi believes, grants him a keen sense of responsibility regarding his choice of subject matter in films. He takes his children’s suggestions seriously and integrates their viewpoints into his creative process. “I never project myself as a father figure, no. Sometimes I am the kid,” he added, providing insight into his dynamic and balanced familial roles.

Transitioning from his initial career, Sethupathi began his professional journey as an accountant. Despite his pragmatic start, he harbored a dream to become an actor, which led him to join a theatre company. Interestingly, the only available position there was that of an accountant. “I thought if I join as an accountant, I can watch the actors every day. I can be with them. I can talk to them.

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. I can understand what acting is. Everything was my lesson. Even lunchtime was a class for me. Being with actors was always a class,” he recounted.

Sethupathi’s story serves as an inspirational narrative about pursuing one’s dreams despite initial setbacks and the crucial role personal relationships play in shaping professional endeavors. This interaction with his children seems to provide a unique perspective on his characters, enriching his performances with authenticity and a touch of his real-life experiences.

The actor’s loving reflection on his children and his non-traditional approach to parenting has evidently seeped into his portrayal in “Maharaja,” a film receiving widespread acclaim. The emphasis on openness and mutual respect within his family is mirrored in his work ethos, as he continually shares workplace anecdotes with his children. “If I have any interesting scenes, I talk to them, I share with them,” he told ‘Variety’, underscoring an inclusive approach to his career decisions.

Through these revelations, Vijay Sethupathi offers a glimpse into the delicate balance he strikes between his professional and personal life. His method of intertwining his familial experiences with his acting decisions is not only unique but also seemingly effective, given the positive reception his film is garnering.

Furthermore, his story of transitioning from an accountant to an actor has a broader appeal, resonating with those who might be considering a career change or following their passion. Sethupathi’s journey underscores the importance of being immersed in a learning environment, where even mundane moments like lunchtime can transform into valuable learning experiences. This mindset undoubtedly nurtured his growth in the performing arts.

The actor’s narrative reflects a profound understanding of his craft, shaped significantly by his experiences off-screen. These experiences, deeply rooted in the love and open communication within his family, translate into the nuanced and heartfelt performances that audiences have come to appreciate.

Ultimately, Vijay Sethupathi’s insights serve as an enriching addendum to the understanding of his professional commitments and personal values. His portrayal in “Maharaja” isn’t just a character he plays on screen but a reflection of his real-life roles as a father and a learner. For fans and aspiring actors alike, his story is a testament to how personal experiences and open communication can profoundly influence one’s creative pursuits.