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W.i.S.H. Unveils Third Single ‘Therapy’ Tackling Toxic Relationships

The four-member pop girl band W.i.S.H. (World Inka Stage Hai) is making waves once more with their latest release, the single ‘Therapy’. This new track delves deep into the themes of toxic relationships, red flags, and the journey towards emotional detox and self-liberation, all encapsulated in what the band describes as an “upbeat declaration of freedom.”

‘Therapy’ was launched in March 2024, under the creative guidance of composer and producer Mikey McCleary in collaboration with Sony Music India. The Mumbai-based ensemble has crafted a song that resonates with the contemporary struggles of navigating complex relationships, urging listeners to reclaim their narratives and value their self-worth.

The members of W.i.S.H. – Ri (Riya Duggal), Sim (Simran Duggal), Zo (Zoe Siddharth), and Suchi (Suchita Shirke) – recently shared insights into their creative process and the inspiration behind their latest offering in an interview with The Hindu during their visit to Bengaluru.

Sim shared, “With ‘Therapy’, we were able to draw on our personal experiences. The song speaks directly to our own lives and circumstances, and we hope our listeners can find a part of their story in it too.” The band emphasizes a collaborative approach, where brainstorming sessions and inclusive idea exchanges form the crux of their creative process. “There’s something profoundly fitting about it being a breakup song that centers on letting go and moving on. The music just wrapped around these themes perfectly,” Sim added.

As India’s first girl group in nearly two decades, W.i.S.H. holds a unique position in the Indian music landscape. Ri commented on their debut, saying, “From the moment we stepped onto the scene, we knew there was an audience eager for a girl group like us.” The initial fanfare and ongoing support confirmed the existence of a ready and waiting audience, thrilled by the novel experience of an Indian pop girl band layered with diverse cultural elements.

“Our primary aim is to fill the gap in the music industry and introduce fresh dance music that incorporates multilingual elements,” Ri explained.

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. She, along with her bandmates, is keen to explore future collaborations that span various musical genres. Suchi expressed a particular interest in Afro and Spanish music. “There’s an incredible synergy between Hindi and Spanish; they go together beautifully,” Sim remarked, hinting at exciting future projects.

Creating music that combines cultural motifs and contextual richness involves a detailed and imaginative process for W.i.S.H. The band approaches every song as a unique entity, resisting the urge to follow a set formula. Often, their work begins with a beat suggested by Mikey McCleary, which they then develop further. McCleary, known for his innovative twists, sought to elevate the energy levels found in their previous hits ‘Lazeez’ and ‘Galti’. The music video for ‘Therapy’ includes quirky elements, such as a “graveyard of memories,” and experimental costumes, all aligning with the band’s vision.

In an era where music consumption methods are evolving, with social media platforms promoting short versions of trendy songs, W.i.S.H. remains confident about the longevity of their music. “We create music not for fleeting trends but for the sheer love of it,” stated Zo. The band strives to strike a balance between making music that resonates personally and developing their distinctive soundscape that merges music and dance. Suchi emphasized the timeless aspect of good music, saying, “The beauty of good music is that it transcends time.”

The band subtly hinted at their next project, revealing it to be a “complete 180-degree shift” from what their audience has come to expect. While keeping specifics under wraps, they assured that their fans can anticipate something remarkably different and refreshing.

‘Therapy’ is now available on all major streaming platforms, ready for fans and new listeners to explore the liberating and empowering message W.i.S.H. delivers through their latest single.