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“Wonder Woman 3” Scrapped and “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” Still in Development: Patty Jenkins Updates

The landscape of superhero cinema and galactic sagas is ever-changing, and with it comes updates from those at the helm of highly anticipated projects. Filmmaker Patty Jenkins, known for her directorial success with “Wonder Woman”, recently divulged the latest news regarding her involvement in two significant franchises during her guest appearance on Max’s Talking Pictures Podcast.

Jenkins confirmed that the much-anticipated “Wonder Woman 3”, which would have seen the return of Gal Gadot as the Amazonian warrior princess, is no longer in development. “Yeah, for the time being, but probably easily forever,” she stated, indicating a bleak future for the third installment in the series. Jenkins added that contrary to some speculation, the studio is not actively seeking a new director, as there are no current plans to pursue any “Wonder Woman” projects at this time. “No, they’re not interested in doing any Wonder Woman for the time being,” she reaffirmed.

The decision to shelve “Wonder Woman 3” follows a shift in leadership and strategy at DC Studios. The studio, under the guidance of James Gunn and Peter Safran, has opted to take the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in a new direction, which unfortunately did not include Jenkins’ vision for the next chapter in Diana Prince’s story. This change reflects the broader challenges facing the studio, which is no small task as Jenkins empathizes, “It’s not an easy task, what’s going on with DC.”

The cancellation of “Wonder Woman 3” marks a significant turn in the DCEU, particularly following the commercial success and critical acclaim of the first “Wonder Woman” film. Fans had high expectations for the third film, which was poised to continue the legacy of one of DC’s most iconic and empowering characters. Jenkins’ departure from the project may be disappointing to many, but it also signals a moment of transformation within the broader superhero genre, where studio strategies are often as dynamic as the storylines they produce.

Despite the setback within the DC realm, Jenkins provided a hopeful update regarding her foray into another enduring cinematic universe. “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron”, which faced its own delays with Lucasfilm temporarily putting the project on hold in 2022, is still very much alive. Jenkins is actively working on the script, as her deal with Lucasfilm includes delivering a draft of this ambitious film.

The director expressed her eagerness to return to the “Star Wars” universe, a prospect that she finds exciting and humbling. Her dedication to crafting a beautiful addition to the ‘Star Wars’ legacy reflects her passion for storytelling and her desire to serve the audience that has revered this franchise for decades. “If I can do something beautiful and do something that serves that audience, I would love to do it,” Jenkins stated, showcasing her commitment to the project.

“Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” promises to be another exciting chapter in the ever-expanding “Star Wars” saga. The film seeks to explore new corners of the galaxy, potentially highlighting the daring pilots and intense dogfights that have become a hallmark of the franchise. With Jenkins behind the script, fans can anticipate a story that not only honors the past but also introduces novel elements to the beloved series.

In conclusion, while Patty Jenkins’ journey with Wonder Woman may have reached its end, her creative spirit continues its flight towards a galaxy far, far away. As “Wonder Woman 3” joins the ranks of unrealized superhero films, “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” is poised to eventually soar into theaters, offering audiences a new adventure to look forward to. The film industry’s landscape is riddled with such rises and falls, but for Jenkins, the quest to tell great stories remains unhampered and ever-promising.