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Zeenat Aman Advocates for the Dignity of Wildlife in Film Productions

In a deeply heartfelt message disseminated through social media, iconic Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman has extended an “urgent and sincere” plea to her peers in the film industry, urging them to refrain from bringing wild animals onto movie sets. This impassioned plea was articulated in a comprehensive note posted on Instagram last Friday.

Lauded for her captivating performances, including the unforgettable role in ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna,’ Zeenat Aman expressed her profound dismay upon witnessing the mistreatment of a wild animal on a film set. Recollecting her disheartening experience, she narrates that her heart broke when she discovered an aged domestic elephant subjected to the harsh environment of a film production. The pachyderm, adorned in jewels and decorations, was positioned on searing asphalt, enduring the heat and chaos for hours on end, as shooting persisted.

“My contractual obligations compelled me to fulfill my role, yet I am haunted by remorse, knowing that a magnificent creature endured suffering for the sake of entertainment,” Zeenat penned in her note. Deeply moved by the suffering of the elephant, Zeenat appealed to her colleagues’ sensibilities, propounding her view that no wild animal deserves a life of captivity, emphasizing that doing so is tantamount to endorsing cruelty.

Zeenat’s crusade for the well-being of animals isn’t newfound. She highlighted her longstanding commitment by sharing an archived news clipping from 1974, showcasing her and veteran actor Dev Anand’s efforts to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Zeenat aligned this gesture with her current calls to action, noting that her ability to influence has grown, compelling her to make more deliberate appeals for animal welfare.

The accomplished actress persists in her advocacy by encouraging her social media followers to share their personal experiences with wildlife. However, she implores them to recount only encounters with animals in their natural, wild habitats, steering clear of interactions with captive creatures used in performances or entertainment.

Aman’s clarion call was not limited to written words; she also posted a photograph featuring herself with miniature elephant figurines, an emotional alternative to a picture with the living elephant she encountered on set. Alongside this powerful visual statement, she furnished additional resources furnished by reputable organizations dedicated to the conservation and welfare of elephants. She encouraged those in her professional sphere to engage with these materials, hoping to endorse a broader cultural shift towards respectful treatment of animals.

Zeenat’s ardent message arrives as she prepares to captivate audiences once more with her acting prowess in the upcoming film ‘Bun Tikki.’ Produced by Jio Studios in collaboration with renowned fashion designer Manish Malhotra’s Stage 5 Production, the movie boasts a stellar cast, including Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol.

The compassionate activism displayed by Zeenat Aman signifies a larger discourse on animal rights and ethical treatment within the entertainment industry. As she stands poised to reemerge on the silver screen, her off-screen endeavors continue to shine a spotlight on the pressing need for a more humane approach to wildlife conservation and dignity. The collective response to her initiative could very well propel the industry towards more ethical practices, embodying the harmonious relationship she envisions between humans and animals.